Services and equipments rental prices

Liste des prix

DescriptionQuantityPrice In Euro
Internship discovery Kitesurf to discover the equipment and the sensation2h70
Internship Kitesurf confirmation (Stage 1-4) Begin to navigate6h200
Internship Kitesurf Autonomy (Stage 1-5) Go back up the wind in any autonomy10h300
Internship Kitesurf Improvement (Stage 1-6) Master the navigation and the flight12h360
Special courses
Internships and Coaching:  Deprived courses1h50
Internship Straples: learn the board of vagueness1h50
Internship Foil: overfly the stretch of water (With drive boat)2h120
Stage de kitesurf kids et juniors1h50
Rent materials
Kitesurf package (kite, board, harness, helmet, wetsuit, impact vest)1h20
1 day50
Kitesurf (All the sizes)1 day40
Board (Twin)1 day20
Boots + Board1 day30
Straples (Board of wave)1 day30
Foil1 day50
Accessory (Harness, wetsuits, leash, impact vest, boots, helmet)1 day10
Equipment storage1 week50
Equipment storage + Shuttle of Djerba towards our spot1 week70
Shuttle of Djerba towards our spotRound-trip5
Nominative insurance for material damage by breakage (valid for your stay) 50
Internships & Rental SUP
SUP Training Course
SUP Rentals1/2 day30