Services and equipments rental prices

Liste des prix

Description Quantity Price In Euro
Internship discovery Kitesurf to discover the equipment and the sensation 2h 60
Internship Kitesurf confirmation (Stage 1-4) Begin to navigate 6h 180
Internship Kitesurf Autonomy (Stage 1-5) Go back up the wind in any autonomy 10h 300
Internship Kitesurf Improvement (Stage 1-6) Master the navigation and the flight 12h 360
Special courses
Internships and Coaching:  Deprived courses 1h 50
Internship Straples: learn the board of vagueness 1h 50
Internship Foil: overfly the stretch of water (With drive boat) 2h 120
Stage de kitesurf kids et juniors 1h 50
Rent materials
Kitesurf package (kite, board, harness, helmet, wetsuit, impact vest) 1h 20
3h 40
1 day 50
Kitesurf (All the sizes) 1 day 40
Board (Twin) 1 day 20
Boots + Board 1 day 30
Straples (Board of wave) 1 day 30
Foil 1 day 50
Accessory (Harness, wetsuits, leash, impact vest, boots, helmet) 1 day 10
Equipment storage 1 week 50
Equipment storage + Shuttle of Djerba towards our spot 1 week 70
Shuttle of Djerba towards our spot Round-trip 5
Nominative insurance for material damage by breakage (valid for your stay)   50
Internships & Rental SUP
SUP Training Course
1h 30
SUP Rentals 1/2 day 30