Djerbakite kitesurf school in Djerba

Situated in Tunisia, DjerbaKite is the only spot – school of the Djerba Island gathering all the criteria to learn and perfect in complete safety.

The stretch of water of the spot

A little deep lagoon or you stand everywhere. The depth varies between 40 and 130 cms. Our spot is guaranteed without waves what returns the easier learning and the faster evolution. The lagoon makes 40km2 with routes straight of 10km. Indeed the lagoon is 10×4 km.
Our school also has a private beach of 300m completely dedicated to the kitesurf for the take-off and the landing. No fear of striking other people or obstacle because the bathing is forbidden. Navigate in our spot calmly.

Sécurité Djerba kitesurf

Weather report of the lake of Djerba

Forecasts for the spot of Djerbakite on Windguru.Forecasts for the spot of Djerbakite on Windfunder.Forecasts for the spot of Djerbakite on Ventusky.

Djerbakite is opened all year long 7 days a week with optimal forecasts of wind for the learning and the evolution.
The wind is moderated the summer, between 12 and 17 knots, wind blowing essentially of the sea towards the ground, allowing a learning without risk. The winter the wind is more supported and can reach 25 30 knots.
The temperatures are clement in the middle of winter. In the same spring not need for a combination. The temperatures vary between 15 ° (in January) and 32 ° (in August).

Wind forcast Djerba

Historic spot

When you navigate in our spot you will take advantage of a magnificent view of the Road Roman d’ El Kantara and of the fort of Borj Kastil.

Borj El Kastil
Make of the hydrofoil near the strong classic art and near the road Roman of Djerba.

Safety of the school Djerbakite

The French-Tunisian Djerbakite School answers the European standards of setting-up :

  • Under the wind of the area of take-off and landing of wings, the ground is completely cleared for an easy and secure launch.
  • Navigation without risk whatever is the orientation of the wind.
  • The area of navigation is forbidden the bathing or any other nautical activity (private beach).
  • The school possesses a boat of help to insure the safety, and a person is only dedicated to this task.
  • All our monitors and our customers in navigation are in radio link between them and with the base, what allows to communicate directly in case of problem and to intervene quickly.



Our instructors are experimented and teach the kitesurf for more than ten years for some. They are bilingual French-English and French-German (courses of Kitesurf are proposed to the children from 12 years).
All our monitors are graduates for a total control of the techniques of training. Our monitors will guide you stage by stage to reach your goals. They will adapt their teachings to your rhythm of learning.
Our team trains a big family which opens you its doors to be a member of it. We promise you a good atmosphere and unforgettable holidays.