Djerbakite votre école de kitesurf

Djerbakite a school of kitesurf on the dream island Djerba which is made an enjoyment to pass on to you its education and its passion of the kitesurf. Savor the sensations of a three-dimensional sport which gathers the water and air sports. Thanks to our trainers, trace your first curves with the kitesurf from the point of view of water of the lake of Djerba.
If you opt for our special internships at the school of kitesurf, you can overfly the stretch of water and discover the enjoyments of the aerobatic maneuver and the Foil.
But feel reassured, even without jumping, you will discover the freedom to navigate without obstacles which filled your vision in 360 ° of the lake of Djerba.
With the instructors of our training center, your margin of progress in the kitesurf will be faster and totally reassured.
With our program of training, you do not need a particular physical condition to learn to navigate in any autonomy. You will discover all the tricks to spare you the useless exhaustion and keep your energy to take advantage of long walks from the point of view of water of the lake of Djerba.

Djerbakite offers you more still.
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