Basic kitesurf courses

If you are the more of 16 years old, the women or the men furthermore of 45kg having no experience in kitesurf, these training courses are intended for you.
They are the necessary internships to establish a solid base of navigation. You will adopt the good reflexes and the basic gestures which will allow you an evolution with good rhythm.
The internships will allow you to progress according to 6 stages mentioned at the bottom of page.
Several formulae are proposed to you

Internship kitesurf: discovered (Stage 1-2)


Discover the equipment and the sensation :

  • Discover the equipment
  • Treat the wing of kitesurf
  • Take off and land the wing of kitesurf
  • Make of the swimming towed with the wing
Initiation kitesurf


Internship kitesurf: confirmation (Stage 1-4)


Begin to navigate :

  • Discover the equipment
  • Learn the towed swimming
  • Start with the board
formation kitesurf


Internship kitesurf: autonomy (Stage 1-5)


Besides the knowledge acquired in the internship confirmation, you will learn in any autonomy in :

  • Generate of the power
  • Stabilize his wing in the window
  • Keep the course
  • Go back to the wind
  • Change dynamically direction
école kitesurf


Internship kitesurf: improvement (Stage 1-6)


Besides the knowledge acquired during the internship Autonomy you will master the navigation and the flight :

  • Get acquainted with the figure « Back side Tour »
  • Learn an elegant technique of change of direction «le Jibe»
  • Make his first Jumps
Progresser avec le kitesurf